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About us

It all started with sailing ship The Bounty
(active from 1995 - 2009), a classic designed wooden
two master.

Her two beautiful young sisters, the Jonalisa and the Jonalisa To, are now taking care of you.

Our Offshore 48 welcomes you aboard for your fishing trips and luxurious private charters.

Our sailing catamarans are luxury yachts designed to include every aesthetic and practical detail. In addition, the vessels are professionally maintained and ideally suited for Curacao's dynamic waters.

The million dollar crafts, Jonalisa (2007) and Jonalisa To (2010), were custom designed in the U.S. Virgin Islands and declared "ship-shape" during their voyages to Curaçao.

The Custom 54' Gold Coast Yachts¨ are inspected and certified for 60 passengers up to 15 miles offshore.
The comfort-designed cabin is a fully protected enclave.

The fine catered meals have been carefully planned to please the appetites of seafaring passengers.

Inspected and certified by Dutch regulations
(shipping inspection)
Full rigged sail boat achieves speeds up to 20 knots
These motor sailors are equipped with two
QSB 5.9 Cummings Turbo diesels for speeds up to
24 knots under power
Catamaran hull design creates a smooth ride &
eliminates rolling
2 marine heads (bathrooms)
Trampolines for sunbathing
Heavy duty boarding stairs for easy entrance into water
Professionally maintained
Safety equipment and raft
Quality snorkel gear

From taking you to enjoy the spectacular south coast of Curacao spoiling you on a snorkel sail of a romantic sunset sail is ready to cast off. It is the ultimate combination of a first-class vessel and a luxury yacht.

Jonalisa Jonalisa ToOffshore 48
Dutch soccer club AZ (national Dutch champion 2009)
relaxing during a snorkeling trip on the Jonalisa.
May 16 th 2012

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About us
Jonalisa & Jonalisa To,
Bounty Adventures “state of the art” sailing catamarans
Football club AZ
Saving lifes
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The Bachelorette, 2012  season 8 episode 9

Check out how America's Bachelorette Emily Maynard
enjoys her date on Bounty Adventures super catamaran
the Jonalisa!
Broadcast on ABC networks, July 9th 2012
Crew Jonalisa saves 15 lifes 1 mile out of the coast from Klein Curaçao.
May 26th 2012