Cancellation policy
-Bounty Adventures cruises are non–refundable.

-If you miss the tour because of not being on time for your excursion, no refund will be issued. Additionally, group bookings may be non-refundable if the trip price is based on a specific number of participants.

-There will be no refunds for over sleeping, sunburns, change of mind or good/bad luck in the casino.

-By management’s discretion, an exception can occur in the circumstance only of a medical type emergency.

-In the unlikely event of bad weather (issued by the coastguard and meteorological authorities), if the ship experiences technical problems or for any circumstance your cruise would be cancelled, you will receive a full refund. In the unlikely event that your cruise ship arrived late in port or not at all, your credit card will be refunded before you ask.
Cancellation Policy
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