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Q: I have made an internet reservation on the Bounty Adventures website, how and when will it be confirmed?
A: You can expect an email with your confirmation between 24-48 hours. During business hours, it is not uncommon to receive your confirmation within 1-2 hours.

Q:How do I know that Bounty Adventures has received my website reservation?
A: Once you have submitted your reservation on the Bounty Adventures online reservation form, you should receive a Thank You message. Within 48 Hours you will receive by email, your confirmation of your date with directions on how to get to Bounty Adventures.

Q: Which credit cards are accepted for payment?
A: Bounty Adventures accepts Master Card, Visa and Discover.

Q: How far in advance is it recommended to make my internet reservation?
A: To avoid disappointment, please make your reservations in advance. When have chosen the dates you would like to join us. Bounty Adventures  does not have a time limit from when you can make an internet reservation.

Q: Is it necessary to reconfirm my reservation when I arrive in Curaçao?
A: No. Once you have received your online confirmation of your reservation, you are confirmed. If it is convenient you can print out your confirmation message to bring along at the  incheck moment before the trip.

Q: Are the Bounty Adventures trips appropriate for Children?
A: Children of all ages are appropriate and welcome aboard all Bounty Adventures Cruises. Children up to 3 years of age will be complimentary guests. Children 4 - 12 years old will be charged less.

Q: Can I also make private charter reservations online by using the Internet Reservation Form?
A: Because requests and needs will vary, it is best to use the Contact Form to send in your query about Private Charter Quotations.

Q: What is the Bounty Adventures refund policy?
A: - Bounty Adventures cruises are

-There will be no refunds for passengers that are “no-shows” on the day of their trip.

-There will be no refunds for over sleeping, sunburns, change of mind or good/bad luck in the casino.

- By management’s discretion, an exception can occur in the circumstance only of a medical type emergency.

- In the unlikely event of bad weather, if the ship experiences technical problems or for any circumstance your cruise would be cancelled, you will receive a full refund. In the unlikely event that your cruise ship arrived late in port or not at all, your credit card will be refunded before you ask.

Q: Do you offer a variation of the BBQ which will work with my dietary needs and / or food allergies?
A: When given advance notice, we can organize almost everything with our catering team.

Q: Do you offer vegetarian meals?
A: Yes. When given advance notice, the Bounty Adventures can arrange for a meal of Vegetarian Burgers

Q: What does open bar mean?
A: There is no charge for drinks in the bar.

Q: What is included in the trips of Bounty Adventures?
A: All Bounty Adventures trips are all inclusive

Q: What snorkeling gear is included in the trips offered aboard the Bounty Adventures ships?
A: Inflatable safety jackets along with masks, snorkels and fins are included.

Q: Is there shade aboard?
A: Yes, there is an enormous cabin roof which provides shelter from the sun and seating for your comfort.

Q: What should I wear and bring aboard the Bounty Adventures trips?
A: Please wear your swimsuit, bring a towel and sunscreen.

Q: Are there restrooms aboard of Bounty Adventures ships?
A: Yes, there are.

Q: Are there special rates?
A: Yes, there are special rates for: Locals, Kids (< 12) & Interns

Q: Are there any conditions for diving at Klein Curaçao?
A: Yes, there are some basic conditions for diving at Klein Curaçao.

Every guest of the Jonalisa who wants to dive, needs:

-At least open water certification (bring it with you)
-A dive buddy
-A dive buoy / dive flag. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can borrow one from the boat.

We also need you to sign a waiver that you will get from us at the in-check moment before the trip.

The captain has the right to cancel the dive due to any condition.

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