Rates for private charters on request.
weddings, families, team-building

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Dear visitor,

Welcome to the Bounty Production Management home page. We offer many valuable services to make your Incentive an unforgettable one. The Island of Curacao is the ultimate place with all the ingredients to serve our guests in all needs. We'll be delightful to arrange about everything for you during your stay on the Island in a professional way. Let us take care of all the things in advance so you can enjoy your stay on our beautiful Island without spending half the time making things really happen. To us it doesn't matter if you come for a wedding, Photo shoot or movie-production, We will assist You together with our Business relations in our unbeatable professional way.

We welcome you for any request or proposal.

Perry Hoogendam,
Bounty Adventures
Bounty Adventures Special Services (nog niet klaar in nederlans)
Our Clients

We have a lot of experience serving our Island quests. We have many wedding party's on our ship and we did productions more than once. 

Tros productions (television)
SBS6 (Television)
Television Venezuela
Model of the year (television)
Boston Proper (Catalog)
Petra Bergen (Video clip)
Lee Towers (Video special DVD)
Bad Boys (Catalog)

Special trips:
De Dijk
Marco Bakker
Manuela Kemp
Henk Westbroek
Dutch Diva's
Treintje Oosterhuis

Other Clients

Radio Dolfijn
Caribbean Incentives
Tros Paradise
Pioneer electronics

many many more...

About Curacao

Entry Requirements: US and Canadian citizens need either a valid passport, or proof of citizenship in the form of an original birth certificate accompanied by photo ID, and an onward or return ticket. Most other nationals need only a passport. Visitors from the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Haiti require a visa. You will need to apply for a resident permit if you plan to stay for longer than three months. You are not allowed to work or live on Curacao without a work permit.

Location: Curaçao is located in the southwestern Caribbean. The largest of the Netherlands Antilles, it is 38 miles long and from 2 to 7.5 miles wide. It is located just 35 miles north of Venezuela, 42 miles east of Aruba and only 2 1/2 hours by air from Miami. Curaçao is outside the hurricane belt, making it a sure holiday destination for good weather.

Climate: Located in the tropics, just 12° north of the Equator -- and outside of the hurricane belt -- Curaçao has a warm, sunny climate year round. The average temperature is about 27° C ( mid 80s F). Refreshing trade winds blow constantly from the east, picking up in the spring months. The rainy season, October to February, is marked by short, occasional showers, usually at night, and continued sunny weather by day. Total annual rainfall averages only 570 mm (22 inches). Occasionally a tropical storm brewing elsewhere in the Caribbean can cause uncharacteristically cloudy weather for a day or two.

Population: The population of 130,000 is made up of 55 nationalities. Willemstad is the island's capital and only city.

Government: Curaçao, along with neighboring Bonaire and three islands in the north eastern Caribbean (St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba), form the Netherlands Antilles, an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Curaçaoans are Dutch nationals and carry European Union passports.
Rates for private charters on request.
weddings, families, team-building

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